Mr. Gianfranco Grieci

President of F.AGR.i.

In 1994, following the completion of his studies in Surveying, he established a dynamic technical and industrial studio in Avellino. With a team of 22 skilled collaborators, including engineers, architects, agronomists, and surveyors, the studio swiftly made its mark across the Campania region. Over the years, they have spearheaded numerous groundbreaking public projects and contributed to thousands of private ventures, amassing a loyal client base of over 1500.

His venture into the trade union realm commenced in 1996 when he joined the ranks of F.AGR.i.. (Italian Agricultural Supply Chain) as the provincial president for Benevento.

The following year, his exceptional leadership caught the attention of the national president, Hon. Adriana Poli Bortone, who swiftly recruited him for the organization's national direction.

By 1998, his dedication and vision earned him the esteemed position of vice-president of F.AGR.i.. at the national level. But it was in 2002 that he ascended to the helm, securing a resounding victory at the national congress to become the national president of F.AGR.i.. This triumph was not fleeting; he was unanimously re-elected to this prestigious role in 2006, 2010, and 2014, a testament to his enduring impact and unwavering commitment.

Under his dynamic leadership, F.AGR.i.. underwent a dramatic transformation, rapidly expanding its influence to become the third-largest trade union force in Italy. Recognized by the State as a pinnacle of professionalism and advocacy in the agricultural and agri-food sectors, F.AGR.i.. soared to unprecedented heights of success.

Today, with its headquarters nestled in Rome, F.AGR.i.. boasts a formidable presence in 72 provinces nationwide. Its cadre of approximately 500 dedicated trade union operators, spanning both central and provincial levels, serves as the driving force behind its monumental achievements. With a membership exceeding 110,000, including agricultural entrepreneurs, direct growers, agri-food and agro-industrial enterprises, pensioners, and supporters, F.AGR.i.. stands as a beacon of progress and unity in the agricultural landscape.