F. O. A.

Fondazione Osservatorio Agroalimentare

Made in Italy (F.AGR.I. Group)


Welcome to F.O.A. Foundation:

Empowering Global Agricultural Relations

Welcome to F.O.A. Foundation, the leading italian force behind global agricultural diplomacy and international business relations.

We are committed to nurturing strategic partnerships and driving innovation across the agricultural, agro-food, and agro-industrial sectors. F.O.A. operates within the esteemed F.AGR.I (FILIERA AGRICOLA ITALIANA) Group, a collective of 18 influential entities, including associations, bodies, and companies, all dedicated to shaping the future of agriculture.

Within our network, you'll find key associations, bodies, and companies such as F.AGR.I. FOOD / F.AGR.I. TOUR / F.AGR.I. ENERGY / F.AGR.I. DIGITAL, and others. Together, we leverage our collective expertise and resources to pioneer industry collaboration and advance global agricultural initiatives.

At F.O.A. Foundation, we are proud to spearhead international business relationships and facilitate impactful engagements with prominent players worldwide. Join us in shaping the future of agriculture and forging sustainable partnerships for a brighter tomorrow.

Our strategic alliances with esteemed international organizations and ministries underscore the importance of fostering robust networks and partnerships in the global agricultural landscape.

IILA (Italian Latin American International Organization):

Collaborating with IILA, a prominent organization under the Foreign Ministry, enables us to strengthen bilateral ties between Italy and Latin American nations. Through our partnership, we facilitate trade agreements, knowledge exchange, and sustainable agricultural practices that benefit both regions and organizations.

UCEE (Union of European Chambers of Experts):

Our affiliation with UCEE empowers us to engage with a network of expert chambers across Europe. This partnership fosters dialogue, harmonizes industry standards, and promotes cross-border collaboration in agricultural development and innovation.

Ministries of Agriculture in Uzbekistan, Honduras, and other regions:

Engaging with Ministries of Agriculture in diverse regions like Uzbekistan and Honduras allows us to cultivate meaningful relationships at the governmental level. By collaborating on initiatives ranging from technology transfer to market access, we contribute to agricultural growth and resilience on a global scale.

Africa – FloorMattei:

Our partnership with FloorMattei in Africa exemplifies our commitment to advancing agricultural excellence on the continent. Together, we promote sustainable farming practices, technology adoption, and economic development, empowering local communities and fostering regional prosperity.

Collaborating with this organizations bridges cultural and economic ties between Italy and other regions of the world. Through joint efforts in capacity building, research, and policy advocacy, we unlock opportunities for agricultural advancement and sustainable development.

These strategic partnerships are essential pillars of our mission, enabling us to leverage collective expertise, resources, and innovation to address global agricultural challenges and create lasting impact.

F.O.A is committed to expanding its global presence and forging enduring partnerships to revolutionize the agricultural landscape. Over the coming years, we envision a bold trajectory of growth, innovation, and impact.

Our vision encompasses the establishment of robust frameworks and collaborations, extending our reach to every corner of the globe. By fostering strategic alliances and connecting disparate networks, F.O.A aims to build sustainable ecosystems that optimize agricultural practices and drive economic prosperity.

We are dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge technologies, innovative methodologies, and diverse expertise to shape the future of agriculture. Through collaborative initiatives and targeted interventions, F.O.A will spearhead transformative projects that enhance productivity, promote sustainability, and empower local communities.

By connecting the dots between governments, industries, and stakeholders worldwide, F.O.A will champion inclusive growth, knowledge exchange, and resource optimization. Our mission is to catalyze positive change, catalyze economic development, and create a resilient global agricultural system that serves both present and future generations.

Join us on this journey as we embark on a path of unprecedented growth and impact, shaping a brighter future for agriculture on a global scale. Together, we will build a world where agriculture thrives, communities prosper, and innovation flourishes.